Everything You Need to Know About Motorized Shades and the Best Window Treatment For Your Kids

Windows are placed in every home. Most homeowners would even agree that window treatments are necessary for cosmetic appeal and privacy. Should you get motorized window treatments installed? If so, what kind? Homeowners invest greatly into their homes and interior furnishings, and they should have an interest in protecting them. Motorized shades offer true value with real benefits that make the investment well worth it.

In this article, we will discuss the two ways to power motorized shades and how it all works. Then, we will provide you with some benefits of choosing motorized shades

How Motorized Shades Work


You can control motorized shades using your phone with just the tap of a button. You can even have your shades raised and lowered at the same time every day using an automatic routine set-up. Have your shades open while the sun shines during the winter, or block out unwanted heat in mid-day during the summer.

You get the useful luxury of controlling every shade in your home or one shade at a time. Motorized shades’ appearance overall is as customizable as traditional shades. You’re still able to choose between different fabric patterns and weights. They can also integrate with voice assistants such as Google and Alexa, or operate with remote control.

The shades are driven by small electric motors that create a quiet operation all while being in a small package. This way you don’t have to worry about the motors being so unpleasingly noticeable. The electric motors are usually either battery-powered or hardwired and are quite easy to use.

They have a seamless profile with a sleek design and are not burdened by any dangling cords. With motorized shades, you can even control the light levels in your home a lot easier. You get the ability to brighten up a room in a quick instant when reading, or completely darken it when watching a movie. You can do this all without even having to get up from the couch.

Two Common Ways to Power Motorized Shades



This type doesn’t require any wires to control or power the shades, therefore, making this option the most affordable. These days, it’s been an easier, longer-lasting option. There are some battery-powered shades that can run off the same battery for up to a few years before needing a replacement. Some will even allow you to control multiple shades in unison.

Battery-powered shades are a preferred choice for those who have an existing home where cabling might be too harsh of labor. It’s also a great choice for retrofitting an older home since they don’t require wiring. The only thing with battery-powered shades is that over time, they’ll need to be recharged or replaced.

This task might be quite difficult if your shades are hard to access or mounted pretty high. Battery-powered shades are more energy efficient while they use way less power to operate. This means that your batteries will be long-lasting with normal use and your environmental impact will be minimal.

Keep in mind that the motors for battery-powered shades aren’t as powerful as electrically wired ones. So, if you get larger shades with heavier material that need extra power to move, a wired approach might be better. Battery-powered shades are the best option if you’re seeking motorized shades without having to get into your walls or other stressful installations.



This option requires running power for each shade. A separate line runs to each shade and connects it to a central control system. With motorized shading, some applications will need the higher performance of a wired solution because of window-treatment size and material. A wired system is more sensible if you’re embarking on a new home build, addition or are remodeling.

The wiring installation is easier before the drywall and finishing touches and, once done, you won’t have to worry about battery replacement. With a wired system, you can have peace of mind that your shades will obtain their power and never run out. Although, this way does require more planning than battery-powered shades do and you’ll need a suitable socket ready for use.

Also, the wires will need to be hidden, which will cause a bit of extra work. The wired shades must connect to the source of the power by wires. They need to run from the shade to the socket and then concealed. Due to the extra work needed to fit and install the electric shades, this can often be the more expensive option.

This is especially if the electric supply is fitted retrospectively. If the shades and power supply are planned into building works, then you might save money.



Motorized shades are very beneficial and well worth the investment.

Energy Saver:

Solar gain is reduced when it’s sunny and the shades are down. This means that your home’s air conditioner is able to operate much more efficiently. Once your shades are up, you can keep your lights off in the room. You get to rely on the natural light that the sun produces to illuminate your home instead. This reduces the energy load on the HVAC system.

Safety and Privacy:

The pull cords of traditional shades can be a safety hazard but, with motorized shades, you won’t have to worry about that. Also, when you’re out of town you can protect your house by making it appear as if someone’s there. The shades can raise and lower at preset times, or you can control them from wherever you are. This gives your home that “lived-in appearance”.

Aesthetics and Potential Creativity:

The appearance of motorized shades are generally more pleasing than traditional shades and drapes. The window treatments can traverse left or right and lift or lower without having to tug on any cord. They can start and stop in unison, as well as line up perfectly across the window.

Motorized shades evoke a more clean and modern look. There’s also a wide selection of fabrics for your shades that you can choose from. You can fit any decor and design of any room of the house. Combine drapes and sheers or match roman with blackout shades. You can customize based on your own personal preferences.

Fits Every Window and Beyond:

Motorized shades can fit all windows of any shape and size. Whether your windows are circular or trapezoid, the fabric and hardware of motorized shades can be customized to fit any window. This window treatment can also be used to cover the projection screen in your home theatre when it’s not used. It can even be used to divide a room into sections.

Runs Smoothly:

There are noise-free motorized shades that are so well-tuned that the movement happens smoothly with great precision.

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