How Blinds are Useful for Blocking Light

Posted by Starwood Distributors

There are so many types of effective window coverings to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which ones you like the best. It isn’t just a matter of personal preference either. Window coverings come in all types of designs, shapes,...


If you have tall windows anywhere in your home, it takes more length, more fabric, and more from your shades, blinds, or other types of window treatments to cover those windows. Tall windows are great for bringing natural light and warmth into...


There are so many types of window coverings to choose from. The options can really be overwhelming. Whether you have been shopping for window coverings for your home for weeks or months or you just started searching, you are probably already aware...


With so many types of window coverings you can put on your home, it can be difficult to choose which is the best option for you. What you want and what you need can vary based on Where your house is. Number...

One thing that people don’t consider when shopping for shutters is that they can actually improve the security of your home. One of the main reasons people add shutters to their houses is to make their homes look beautiful. Adding new shutters...

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