Engineered wood flooring is an extremely great choice for homeowners today. Handcrafted from a variety of wood materials, engineered wood flooring is engineered to withstand the wear and tear of everyday living. Our expert staff get plenty of questions about engineered wood...

When you think of impact windows, you probably picture a bulky, gigantic piece of glass that makes your house look like a bank and does little to keep the heat in or cold out. Well, you’ve been watching too much TV—impact windows...

Many of us have high aspirations for do-it-yourself projects, especially as summer approaches and the days get longer. We’re here today to tell you to leave wood floor installation off of your DIY project list.  Now, you might have just sighed in...


Wooden shutters are an ideal choice if you’re looking to install new window coverings in your home. They’re simple, elegant and can be made to fit most windows, even those that might be oddly shaped or proportioned. While they might be more...

Thanks to modern technology, interior shutters vary in type and function. Since they’ve taken on a more decorative position these days, people like Eclectic Designers have taken indoor shutters to a whole new level. Popular types of interior shutters include: Traditional Plantation...

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