Roman Shades

Window coverings can add so much to a home. They can elevate any room to make it a place of contentment and joy. Although curtains are a predominant choice for window coverings, shades cannot be overlooked, and roman shades are a particularly good choice.

What are Roman Shades?

If you are not familiar with Roman shades, they are a style of window covering that is designed to block out the sun. Roman shades stand out from other shades, as they stack up evenly when they are opened, so they are visibly smooth. They are generally opened with a cord, however, cordless varieties are available.

Roman Shades by Starwood Distributors


Roman Shades by Starwood is a cut above the competition. Our shades provide a unique style that adds panache to any room. If you like the look of curtains or draperies but want something at a higher level, our Roman shades are the answer.

Convenience and Quality


Our Roman shades have the same high-quality appearance as high-end draperies but with a much higher level of convenience. If all you want to do is let a stream of natural light into your home, all you need to do is raise your shades to your desired level. It’s so much easier than dealing with trying to draw open or closed heavy and cumbersome draperies or curtains.

Tons of Choices


No matter what style suits your taste and artistic vision, Starwood Distributors has options you are sure to love. We have hundreds of luxury fabrics including textured transparent fabrics, opaque options and everything in between. No matter which one you choose, you will absolutely love how it looks in your house.

Fabric Choices 


The Roman shades from Starwood Distributors, as with all of our shades, come in a multitude of options to fit all of your needs and desires. You can choose fabrics that are sheer, light-filtering, room darkening and even solar screening. All of these options also come in designer fabrics, natural materials, various textures. We also have an array of fire-retardant options for those who want the utmost in home protection.

Modern Take on an Old Classic


You may have a certain idea of what window shades look like. Many varieties can appear bland and nothing more than utilitarian. The Roman shades from Starwood Distributors will shatter that impression. These shades are sharp and sleek. They bring a touch of class and elegance to any room. They will never go out of style, as they provide a thoroughly classic look, yet, they also present an updated and modern appearance. It’s nothing short of the best of both worlds.

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