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If you have ever found yourself considering motorized shades or blinds for your home, then look no further than Starwood Distributors. When you put your trust in our technicians, you’ll find yourself in good hands. We utilize high-quality materials, expert designs, and professional installation to upgrade your home one window at a time.

The benefits of motorized shades are immediately evident once you have enjoyed them firsthand. The convenience, for instance, is paramount. Advances in automation within the home have allowed for more intuitive devices, such as motorized shades, designed to keep your home cool and comfortable year-round. First, you need professional installation. Trust in Starwood Distributors to get the job done right the first time.

Motorized Window Design

It is not enough to simply install motorized shades in your home and call it a day. The design needs to match the architecture and décor of your home.

At Starwood Distributors, when we design a motorized window for our residential clients, we factor in the architecture, décor, your budget, and your needs. We can set up an entire system to work with remote controls, and some systems even work with tablets. You’ll have total control over your motorized shades day or night. When the sun is too bright in the afternoon, one button will seal the window and cover the room in shade.

Motorized Shade Styles

There are two primary styles of motorized shades. You have the option between:

  • Honeycomb – Available in both single and double-cell fabrics; honeycomb shades collapse in on themselves to allow light into the room.
  • Roller – The roller style of motorized shade is likely the most common. A system at the top of the window unrolls the fabric-wrapped fascia to cover the window and block any sunlight or vision from the outdoors.
    Both systems are affordable and easy to install with the help of an expert.

Motorized Shade Types

The types of motorized shades can be broken down into two categories: motorized lift and motorized tilt. With the lift-type shade, the entire window covering is raised or lowered via remote. Furthermore, with a lift shade, you have access to the cellular, pleated, roman, roller, and natural shades for your home.

On the other hand, you have the motorized tilt shade. The tilted style is designed for horizontal blinds, where the slats or vanes tilt into an open or closed position to allow light into the room in varying degrees. Like lift shades, you have access to a few options with the tilt shades, including wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and aluminum blinds.

If you are interested in motorized shades in Dallas & Plano, look no further than Starwood Distributors. We are the leading providers of window and floor coverings in the area for homeowners seeking efficiency and elegance. Schedule top-rated service by calling 214-718-7304 for a free in-home consultation!

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