Top 10 Best Replacement Windows in 2020

Like all major components of your home, there will come a day when it is time to exchange your windows with lighter, more energy-efficient replacement windows that will add monthly savings and beautify your home. Knowing which of the many brands is the right choice for you can feel intimidating, so we’ve assembled this list to help you out.

Check out the top ten best replacement windows available in 2020:

  • 1. Andersen

Known for their budget-friendly new construction and replacement window lines, Andersen offers both casement and double-hung windows. Available finishes include wood-clad, hardwood or vinyl, and double/triple pane windows that offer composite construction using argon or gas-filled glass to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissivity. 

More importantly though, buying Anderson doesn’t mean sacrificing quality to save money. Every window they manufacture uses high-quality materials, and every window comes with a transferable limited warranty for 20 years (10 years on non-glass parts). All told, the Andersen name represents excellent value for the cost.

  • 2. Preservation

If you are looking for world-class craftsmanship built to last a lifetime, you may be in the market for some Preservation windows. Each Preservation window module is equipped with a heavy-duty block-and-tackle feature that both increases durability and makes the window much easier to operate. 

Preservation Windows also offers high-end materials like stained-glass and exterior colored glass, and their BetterView technology allows more natural light than typical window screens. As great as their products are though, there are a few drawbacks. You can only order Preservation Windows from specific local dealers in their network, so your proximity to their nearest location can drastically affect the price. Finally, Preservation quality and craftsmanship comes at a price, and it isn’t unusual to spend $800-$1000 per window for modules from their median product line. You will definitely get what you pay for, but be prepared to dig deep.

  • 3. Pella

This manufacturer is Andersen Windows’ fiercest competitor, and the two companies have been neck-and-neck in the low-cost, high-value window market for decades. Pella has managed to distinguish itself from Andersen by offering a greater variety of window module types like aluminum, wood, high durability vinyl and even fiberglass windows.

On the downside, Pella windows do tend to come with a slightly higher price point than Andersen, and they only offer a ten-year limited warranty compared to Andersen’s twenty. What sets Pella apart is that they offer far more options for sizing and finishes than Andersen without pricing themselves out of the market. If you are concerned about cost, Andersen is the best choice. If you are concerned about flexibility in sizing and a variety of options, choose Pella. 

  • 4. Simonton

Vinyl windows are Simonton’s specialty, and they manufacture modules for both new construction and replacement. Focusing on casement and double-hung styles, Simonton also offers argon-filled low-emissivity glass. 

Their primary advantage in the market is availability: you can find Simonton windows at big box stores like Home Depot, and most local dealers carry them as well. Regarding the cost-to-value ratio, Siminonton falls in the medium price range, and they offer high-end features like UV filtering to reduce interior temperatures and high durability vinyl. 

  • 5. Milgard

A lesser-known but still excellent value window maker, Milgard primarily deals in vinyl and aluminum replacement windows that improve energy efficiency. They also offer extensive options for soundproofing your home against exterior noise levels, which makes them a popular choice among urban homeowners. 

Milgard windows are also highly sought after by designers for their modern minimalist aluminum frame windows and their upscale wood-clad fiberglass floor-to-ceiling options. The only drawback to Milgard is that installation tends to be more costly due to the complexity of the design and the time required to make a proper installation. Once they’re installed though, they have an excellent reputation for durability and energy efficiency.

  • 6. Atrium

For homeowners primarily interested in replacement vinyl windows, Atrium makes a line of sliding, double-hung and casement windows. They have no shortage of selection available, and your options for customization or style are limited only by your taste and budget. 

Best of all, Lowe’s is an Atrium dealer, and there are many local dealers who also contract with Atrium.  You will be hard-pressed to find an Atrium product that doesn’t suit your particular renovation or new construction needs, and their customer service and quality assurance are second to none.

  • 7. Alside

When only a custom fit will do, Alside should be your first choice for a replacement or new-construction windows. This manufacturer specializes in casement, double-hung and bay windows that can be fitted to any existing structure seamlessly. 

You can find Alside products at Lowes and independent dealers in the Midwest and the eastern United States, and they are continuing to expand their footprint yearly. Over the past 65 years, Alside has distinguished themselves as the preeminent custom vinyl window manufacturer, and their craftsmanship and service have made them the industry heavyweight to beat.

  • 8. Jeld-Wen

Most of their business comes from new-construction window manufacturing, but this American-based company also makes a varied selection of replacement windows. Casement, double-hung, aluminum, clad or vinyl, Jeld-Wen has what you need to repair or replace the windows in your home. 

The windows built in their facilities use top quality materials, and they are widely available through local independent home dealers and home improvement centers all over the United States. Homeowners looking for a high-quality product that won’t break their project budget should definitely give Jeld-Wen a look before making any decisions.

  • 9. Marvin

A giant in the world of window manufacturing, Marvin has established itself over the years as the go-to company for windows and doors across the United States and beyond. At Marvin, you name it, and they’ve got it. 

Casement, bay windows, sliding windows and all kinds of custom options are available 

for order. Marvin first opened their shop in 1912, and has been family owned and operated for generations. They are superlative craftsmen who know what it means to build a quality product you can stake your reputation on. All this comes at a premium price, but when you build a product as good as Marvin, people expect it will come at that cost.

  • 10. Weather Shield

Leading the way in technology and constant innovation, Weathershield never stops searching for the perfect window design. Their offerings are reasonably priced, but superior in quality and energy efficiency compared to their more expensive competitors.

Best of all, if they don’t have a premade window module that fits, they can make one for you in no time flat. Weathershield is a great choice for anyone looking for the latest innovations in window design at prices that won’t put them over budget.

All in all, any of these manufacturers offer products that are sure to make your home beautiful and more energy efficient. If you’re having trouble making a choice, contact Starwood Distributors. We stock the products you want from the brands you know and trust. Call today for more information.

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