How Blinds are Useful for Blocking Light

There are so many types of effective window coverings to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which ones you like the best. It isn’t just a matter of personal preference either. Window coverings come in all types of designs, shapes, colors and functionalities. Some window coverings offer the all-or-nothing solution to blocking out light from your home, while others give you the option to choose how much light you want to let into a room.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at blinds. Blinds are some of the most popular, versatile and effective window coverings that we offer at Starwood distributors, for our customers seeking window coverings in Dallas or the surrounding area.

Blinds offer a wide range of benefits that make them totally unique from other forms of window coverings.

Benefits of Window Blinds for Blocking Light

As we mentioned, blinds are effective at not only totally blocking light or letting it in, but they also give you more control over the amount of light you want to let into your room. Blinds cover windows effectively, and they also have adjustment wands that give you the ability to totally adjust the amount of light you want to block or let into a room.

Blinds are also effective in that they provide:

  • Tight closure to your windows. 
  • Less light leakage from your windows. 
  • Maximum privacy. 
  • A family safe window covering for pets and children.
  • Materials that are built to last.
  • Easy installation. 

We offer premium, custom fitting blinds that hug your windows tightly. Cheap blinds often fit loosely. When blinds do not hug your windows tightly, this significantly increases the amount of light leakage that can flood into a room. Our premium blinds are custom fit to hug your windows perfectly. This gives them the ability to block out as much light as possible when your blinds are closed and gives you better control of letting outside lighting in when you want to adjust your blinds open.

Another reason that our Dallas neighbors and customers love our blinds is that our blinds offer the maximum amount of privacy when you need it. Low-quality blinds can have sizable gaps that make it easy for people to peak in your home. This can be very uncomfortable when it comes to the privacy of you and your family. Cheap blinds can also chip and fall apart, leaving massive holes for light to break through and for passers-by to see into your home. In extreme cases, cracks in your blinds can lead burglars and thieves to spy on your home, making it easier for them to see when you aren’t home and potentially break-in. Our high-quality blinds fit your windows perfectly and tightly from slat to slat so you can maximize your privacy and protect your home and your family.

Another reason that our customers love our custom blinds in Dallas is that they are totally safe for your pets and your children. One of the greatest concerns that caring families and homeowners have for their window coverings is that they are safe for their young children and pets. Our blinds and slats are made of high-quality materials that are safe for your children and pets. Our blinds are anything but fragile and can withstand any rough-housing, ball-throwing, or playing that your children or pets want to throw at them.

As we mentioned, our blinds are made of sturdy, premium materials that are built to last. We would never consider our blinds and other window treatments as a short-term solution to bringing your home shade, light control and privacy. Our blinds, including the wands and slats, are made with premium materials that will last for years in your home.

Another reason that our Dallas customers enjoy our blinds is that they are easy to install. Some inexpensive blinds can be incredibly difficult and stubborn when it comes to installing them on your windows. Even some high-quality blinds can be a pain to install. When you order blinds from our Dallas window treatment experts, we will come out to your home and install them for you. You want to make sure that you have your blinds and window coverings installed as quickly and effectively as possible. Let our Dallas window covering specialists install your blinds so that you don’t have to.

Window Coverings and Blinds in Dallas

Whether you are ready to start shopping for the right set of blinds or you are ready to buy them and get them set up as quickly as possible, our Dallas blind installation experts would love to help. All you have to do is give us a call to schedule your FREE in-home consultation. From there, our team will help you choose the perfect blinds for your home, take measurements, order your blinds, and professionally install them.

If you have any questions about window coverings or window blinds in the Dallas area, contact us today

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