Most Popular Window Coverings in DFW

These are the most popular kinds of window coverings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call Starwood Distributors to learn more today.

From drapes to blinds, there are several popular kinds of window coverings selected by families in the DFW area. Although all have their benefits, some certainly provide more energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, especially during the summer months.

Here are the most popular window coverings used in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Read about them to decide which kind might be best-suited to your home’s needs.


Many families turn to this type of window covering for its low cost and efficiency. Whether the blinds are vertical or horizontal, plastic or wood, they allow just enough light into the home to keep things comfortable. During the summer, DFW residents can keep them closed to lower their electricity bills without living in darkness.


The predominant difference between shades and blinds is that shades are made of solid fabric sheets, not vinyl, plastic, or wood. You roll the shades up or down to let in the right amount of light, and the shade fits perfectly inside the window frame.


Drapes, also referred to as curtains, make more of an aesthetic statement that either shades or blinds. They usually hang outside the window on the wall, taking up a decent amount of space with colorful material. DFW residents often install drapes in their formal living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms to add a sense of elegance while still blocking out the bright Texas sunshine.

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