Best Style of Exterior Windows for a House in DFW

Here are some of the top styles of exterior windows for houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

When it comes to exterior windows, some are equipped for hot climates while others function well in cold environments. Here in Texas, we need windows that will prevent our utility bills from skyrocketing once the heat of summer rolls around.

Here are three types of exterior windows we’d recommend for houses in the DFW area. Each offers multiple benefits and can be installed for a fair price.

Multi-Pane Glass Windows

Installing windows that have double or even triple panes can help you save energy. The more insulation the window gives your house, the less you’ll pay in electricity bills, especially during the heat of summer. Most multi-pane glass windows are fairly affordable, which makes them a worthwhile investment in your home’s future.

Siding Windows

These windows have fixed panels that slide in tracks. You can easily open the window to let in fresh air when it’s nice outside, but when the weather gets too warm, the tracks seal in the cold air and keep out the hot air. We highly recommend siding windows for homes in the DFW area due to their energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

Because they’re good at catching the breeze (whenever there is one in Dallas or Fort Worth), casement windows provide excellent ventilation. This is especially important if you live in a humid, warm area.

Call Starwood Distributors for a Free Consultation on Your Home’s Exterior Windows

We know what works best for homes in the DFW area. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our experts at Starwood Distributors, especially before summer is in full swing and your home is heated more than usual. We can tell you what types of windows provide the most energy efficiency for a good price. Give us a call today at  214-718-7304.

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