What Type of Exterior Windows Work Best for a Home in DFW?

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For some homeowners, whatever windows their house comes with are satisfying. They don’t see the need to customize or enhance the exterior beyond a fresh coat of paint and occasionally new siding. Some homeowners want more. They want to have complete control over the design of their homes. This mindset includes the exterior windows. Luckily, window manufacturers have kept up with the ever-changing demand. There are so many new types of exterior windows, so many styles and colors to choose from. Your vast array of options can be overwhelming.

Types of Exterior Windows

Windows come in many styles, colors, and materials these days. When you need to choose a new window for your DFW home, deciding isn’t always a simple process. Here are some of the most common materials you’ll be forced to evaluate when installing a new window.
    • Wood – For many centuries, wooden window frames were the leading choice out of necessity. Today, wood window frames are a premium option. Typically, wood window frames are made of Ponderosa pine or Douglas fir, though some use white pine, redwood, or cypress. Furthermore, wood offers great insulation for the home, especially when compared to metal frames.
    • Aluminum – Aluminum window frames are lightweight, cost-effective, and may include a thermal break to reduce heat or cold conduction. Without the heat break, however, aluminum windows tend to transfer cold into the home from the outdoors more readily. It can make for a cold morning in the kitchen.
    • Steel – There are many older homes in the neighborhood with original steel windows. Most often, steel is found in commercial buildings, where fire safety is a requirement. Although they are durable, steel windows do require extensive maintenance and cleaning.
    • Fiberglass – Fiberglass window frames are tough. They’re made from similar materials to a composite bumper on a vehicle. As a result, the frame is durable and long-lasting. However, the high price tag can steer some homeowners away.
    • Vinyl – If you’re an energy-efficient homeowner, which is a movement gaining ground in DFW, then vinyl windows are the way to go. Vinyl is an energy-conscious window design and can even be double paned and insulated for increased comfort and control.

Storm Windows

Although all of these materials are popular in the DFW area, aluminum and vinyl tend to be the most common choices. You may also want to consider something called a storm window. Here in Texas, we are no stranger to severe storm fronts sweeping through the area. A storm window can help protect your home and family. Modern storm windows are designed to protect the window itself and reduce air infiltration. Each one is custom designed to fit over an existing window, and you can choose from single or double paned, depending on energy savings needs. For all your window needs and questions, contact Starwood Distributors. You can reach us at (214) 718-7304!

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