Best Type of Flooring for a Bathroom in DFW

There are numerous choices for bathroom flooring.
When you are remodeling your home’s bathroom, you have a broad selection of flooring options. However, unlike the flooring in the living room, your bathroom flooring is unique and the selection process is different. With most flooring solutions, you need to look at durability, appearance, and cost. The same goes for your bathroom flooring, but your bathroom floors must also be able to withstand water and moisture. Over time, your bathroom flooring – no matter what material it’s made of – will be subjected to excessive amounts of water and moisture from the shower and bathtub. The material must be able to withstand the water to avoid mold growth or damage.

Bathroom Flooring Options

When it comes to bathroom flooring, you can eliminate a few material options, such as hardwoods or carpeting, as neither are ideal for a wet room. Instead, your options may include:

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Tile flooring, in either porcelain or ceramic, is an ideal choice. Tiles are waterproof, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective. A porcelain tile also provides a rich, textured appearance, which is perfect for modern bathroom décor. Furthermore, its durability and inexpensive cost make it a smart choice. Additional advantages include a broad variety of sizes and shapes, including octagonal and hexagonal tiles for a unique look.

Natural Stone

While perhaps more expensive than tile flooring, natural stone provides an elegant appearance in any bathroom. Furthermore, there are very few noticeable moisture problems with granite, limestone, or marble. Other advantages include increased durability and a significant boost to property values. However, natural stone can occasionally be slippery and cold, which is a downfall during the winter months.

Laminate Flooring

Perhaps one of the most common choices for bathroom flooring, laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles, appearances, and sizes. The surface is actually a photograph of other materials, such as marble, wood, slate, or stone. However, laminate flooring requires a wood base, which it then protects from moisture. Additionally, the laminate is incredibly easy to clean.

The Worst Bathroom Flooring Options

There are definitely some flooring options you should steer clear of while you’re shopping. Here are a few flooring materials we would avoid for a bathroom:
  • Carpeting – Carpeting is nice in almost any other room than the bathroom or the kitchen. Why? Carpeting retains water and moisture for a long time. If you were to step out of the shower, soaking wet, the carpet would absorb every drop.
  • Hardwood – Solid hardwood offers little protection against moisture, besides the top coating, which can wear down quickly. Wood mixed with water leads to rot and warping.
For bathroom flooring solutions, contact Starwood Distributors. We utilize high-quality flooring materials, including tile and natural stone, for your bathrooms and other rooms. Give us a call at (214) 718-7304 to learn more.

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