Best Carpets for a Gameroom

Pool table room with a carpet

A Gameroom is one of the most fun areas for families to unwind and spend time together. You can put in a pool table, an air hockey table, or whatever you desire for space. But when planning this area, you need to think more logistically than you likely previously thought, especially when it comes to the floor coverings. In deciding on carpet or hardwoods, carpeting is the more common choice for a Gameroom, and for good reason. You want the space to be as comfortable as possible, as well as functional, but you also have to take multiple factors into account. With that in mind, here are the best carpets for a Gameroom.

The Material

There are two main types of carpeting fibers to choose from: natural and synthetic. When choosing between natural and synthetic fibers, there are several different factors you can take into account. This includes environmental friendliness, softness, and so on. For a game room, it would be wise to go with a synthetic fiber. According to the home tips and inspiration website, The Spruce, natural fiber should not be used in homes on a large scale, as it can very limiting for space. Natural fibers should mainly be used for area rugs and not wall to wall carpeting. On top of all of this, natural fibers are significantly more expensive than synthetic, yet so much more limiting for the desired look.


Synthetic fiber overall is simply more practical for a game room space. When you think about a game room, it’s an area where people could likely bring their drinks or even have snacks while they are unwinding around the pool table. If this is the case, there is bound to be a spill at some point. Synthetic fiber is drastically easier to clean, is resistant to foot traffic, and easy to maintain as the years go on.

Style and Noise Control

A major reason that carpet is the best choice for a game room is the noise control that it offers. Carpet absorbs sound more than tile or hardwood flooring ever could, which makes it perfect for when those tournaments amongst your friends get a little loud. Furthermore, carpeting comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, making it virtually able to match whatever your home’s style may be.

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