Best Type of Shutters for Your Dallas Home

Sunlight shining through interior window shutters. Starwood Distributors, Texas.

Installing window coverings of any kind is a big decision. You want to make sure that the type of covering you choose is not only worth the money you are spending, but also the most suited to your home’s needs. Shutters are incredibly versatile, stylish, and effective options for window treatments in your home. Take the following factors into account when selecting the best shutters for your home.


Our shutters come in four main styles: Traditional, Modern, Plantation, and Transitional. This is a purely aesthetic decision; the style of your home should determine which kind of shutter fits in your space the best. However, the functionality and quality remains the same across all styles. Shutters help keep the temperatures in your home at a comfortable level, which is much needed during Texas summers. They also give you control of both light and privacy. In addition to style, we also have a variety of colors to offer that we think will complement your home perfectly.


The tilt of your shutters is another choice you will have to make, but it is a question of preference rather than function. The tilt is how you will open and close your shutters. Front Tilt shutters are the most common and most recognizable; there is a long rod that goes down the front of the shutters that you move to open or close them. Hidden Tilt and Rear Tilt shutters are two styles that hide the tilt bars from you, either behind the shutters or tucked into the corner. Split Tilt shutters offer more variety for you in terms of light and openness. Again, the decision is cosmetic, and we can promise you a great shutter no matter which type you choose.


You have the option of genuine wood or faux wood shutters. We use basswood at Starwood Distributors, as we believe it is some of the sturdiest, highest quality wood around. If you would rather go with a different material, we also have a faux wood option available in a multitude of styles and colors. We want you to be happy with your window coverings; the choice is entirely yours.

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At Starwood Distributors, we want you to know that installing shutters is wise due to their practicality and functionality; we also think the selection process can be an enjoyable experience. The best type of shutters for your home are the ones that compliment your space while providing substantial benefits. We do custom work as well, and would love to schedule a free, in home consultation with you. You can reach us at 214-718-7304. We are located in every major Texas city: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

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