Large Windows: Which Coverings Work Best

Large windows in a dining area. Starwood Distributors, Texas.

Natural light is one of the most desirable elements you can have in a space. It is beautiful and has a way of highlighting some of a room’s best features. But, when night time rolls around and you want privacy, or if you’re wanting to keep the room cooler during hot Texas summers, it would be nice to have the option of a window covering. Consider the following options for covering the large windows in your home.


If you’re searching for a solution that works efficiently to block out unwanted sun and heat and will last you for years to come, consider blinds. Blinds are a good option for larger windows because they can be put all of the way up or down depending on how much light you want to let in, and they can be closed for privacy. In addition, with our patented device, we can ensure no annoying knots and tangles in the cords. In short, you can let in as little or as much natural light as you want in one incredible covering.


Sometimes your large window is located in an area of your home with less sun exposure, but you still would like to have the privacy when it gets dark outside. We completely understand! A window shade might be a better option for your home. They offer just as much privacy, have adequate UV protection, and come in many stylish options. A window shade will not detract from your large window’s beauty – it will just increase its functionality.

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