Plantation Shutters

Have you been thinking about upgrading the comfortability or your home? One of the best and fastest ways that you can do that is by simply upgrading your windows. Windows may seem like a small thing to change, but upgrading your windows makes a noticeable difference when it comes to comfort, functionality, and adding value to your home and every room within it. They are useful for far more than just blocking light and maintaining privacy.

What are some of the greatest benefits to plantation shutters?

1) Plantation Shutters are Durable Cheap blinds, fabrics, and drapes can deteriorate easily. If you are opening and closing them frequently, it may only be a few years before they start falling to pieces. UV rays can slowly or quickly fade cheaper and less durable materials that cover your windows. One of the greatest benefits that you get with plantation shutters is that they are beautiful and built to last. Our plantation shutters are built to outlast the fading rays of the sun and are designed to be used as frequently as you want to open and close them. 2) Plantation Shutters are Easy to Clean Curtains, blinds, and fabrics that cover your windows can be challenging to clean. Whether that means wiping them down or taking them down to wash them, cleaning cheaper window materials can be time-consuming. They can also be easily damaged if you don’t handle them carefully. Plantation shutters are just the opposite when it comes to cleaning. You can wipe a dampened washcloth over the blades of your shutters and in a matter of seconds, each of your windows can be totally clean. No removal or tear down necessary. 3) They Come in a Wide Variety There are a few limitations when it comes to choosing the right plantation shutters for your home. The sky’s the limit with the assortment of sizes, colors, and textures that we can fit your home with. Pick the perfect design based on your walls, flooring, ceiling, and the overall design of your home. 4) They Add Visual Value to Your Home Adding plantation shutters are a simple way to accent your home and really make it stand out on the inside and out. Not only will they add more comfort and depth to the inside of your home, but they’ll also add to the curb appeal that your home creates. At Starwood Distributors, we offer a diverse variety of plantation shutters so that you can choose just the right set for your home. If you need new shutters and are in Dallas or Plano, TX you can schedule a free consultation with our window experts today.

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