Stone Vinyl Flooring

Have you been thinking about making some additions and changes to your home? Changing the flooring in your home is one of the most effective ways of sprucing up your home while adding to your home’s market value.

If you aren’t ready to go from your current flooring straight to stone flooring, stone vinyl flooring is a sensible and cost-effective alternative. Stone vinyl has a unique way of looking like and replicating many of the benefits of stone tile flooring but at a lower total cost.

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Benefits of Stone Vinyl Flooring

1) Cleaning

One thing that every family can love about our stone vinyl flooring materials is that they are astonishingly easy to clean and maintain. Certain types of flooring require special chemicals and cleaning utilities or technology so that you can clean your floor properly.

Stone vinyl flooring is low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. You can clean your floor by using

  • A broom and dustpan to sweep up and clear debris from the floor
  • A mop, water, and cleaning solution to wipe off anything sticky or grimy
  • A soft sponge, water, and cleaning solution to wipe down the floor a little more closely
  • A vacuum with a hard floor setting so that you can suck-up any stubborn or small crumbs and outstanding dust

2) Durability

Some types of flooring are sensitive and require special cleaning solutions, technology, and materials so that you don’t harm or damage your floor as you clean it. With stone vinyl flooring, that isn’t something that you need to worry about.

Stone vinyl floors are incredibly durable. The durability that this type of flooring offers makes it great for kitchens, dining rooms, and anywhere that has high foot traffic in your house. If you may be moving around furniture regularly or have a lot of people gathering or walking through certain areas of your home, stone vinyl flooring is tough to scratch and wear down.

As you may have learned from how you can clean them, this flooring is also water-resistant. You don’t have to worry or be concerned that spills and accidents are going to stain or damage your floor.

3) Adding Visual Value to Your Home

Anything that makes your home pop and stands out from your neighbors can add value. Choosing a stone vinyl flooring that fits perfectly into the vision of your home is a great way to add value to your home, whether you want to resell it soon or far into the future.

4) Faster Installs

Another major benefit of adding stone vinyl flooring to your home is that it is quick and easy for our flooring experts to install.

If you are interested in learning more about adding stone vinyl flooring to your home, call our Dallas and Plano, TX flooring experts at Starwood Distributors today.

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