Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

There are many industrial settings and many floor coating choices to choose from to fit your particular facility. In most cases, flooring in any industrial setting suffers fairly significant wear and tear. Industrial floors often come into contact with corrosive chemicals and are subject to scratches from heavy machinery.

If you need an industrial floor coating, you will want one that is durable and that stands the test of time. Look no further than Starwood Distributors. We provide superior commercial and industrial epoxy flooring that is made to last. In fact, we have provided flooring for many industries, so we are sure to have flooring that will meet your needs.

Our industrial epoxy coatings provide a neat and polished surface for your space, as well as a safe flooring space that provides sufficient traction to prevent slips and falls which often result in serious injury. You will love our non-skid and slip-resistant industrial epoxy floor coatings.

These coatings are traditionally many times thicker than regular floor paint and contain heavy-duty materials perfect for high traffic areas. These innovative coatings will just make sense in your workshop, whether it is a machine shop or an aviation hangar.

The coatings are easy to install when our trained professionals are on the job. We have standard floor coatings on up to multi-layer coatings that offer superior thickness and abrasion resistance in a heavy-duty coating application. We even offer our top-of-the-line epoxy flooring that meets the demands of the most challenging industrial environments by being thicker, stronger, water-resistant and non-skid in mature. Regardless of your floor coating choice, all are easy to clean and maintain.

Deciding on your exact flooring may be a tough call, but that is where our Starwood flooring experts come in. Our staff will help you find the perfect flooring option to fit your needs and your budget. Because our flooring comes in so many color and coating options, you’ll have fun in the design process with us.

Our epoxy floor coatings can be easily applied to most existing floor surfaces such as concrete, wood or even metal. Our products cure quickly and do not shrink while curing. The floor coating dries to a hard finish which has a mirror-like appearance. We can create specialized versions too. While we certainly offer the standard epoxy coating versions, we also offer flexible epoxy coatings or epoxy formulations build to certain acid/chemical resistant specifications.

We offer free site visits and free estimates to ensure you are getting the comprehensive service you need from Starwood. We want to be your flooring favorites, and we will be right there with you in every step from design to fabrication. We think you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality and the entire process, so give us a call at Starwood Distributors today.

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