Composite Blinds

Designed to look like heavier, more expensive wooden blinds, composite blinds provide superior looks and style for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, our composite blinds are built using a cutting-edge polymer that is both strong and lightweight. More and more homeowners each year are choosing composite blinds over traditional vinyl or wooden blinds because they offer the greatest value for the money. Here’s an overview of why our composite blinds make such an excellent choice for window treatments:

What Makes Our Composite Blinds Different?

Starwood Distributors is a company apart because we build better blinds than the competition no matter what material we are using. All our composite blinds feature the following

  • Natural Toughness: The high-tech polymer used in our composite blinds is highly scratch and dent resistant
  • Longevity: Composite blinds can last for years without showing their age
  • Simplified Locking Mechanism: Set and lock the angle of your blinds effortlessly without tugging or struggling to shift the slats into place.
  • Rock-Solid Slats: It takes some serious effort to dislodge a slat from our blinds.
  • No Fading/Yellowing: Our composite blinds are UV resistant and, unlike vinyl, will not yellow with age.

Why Choose Composite Over Other Blind Materials?

Homeowners choose consistently choose composite blinds over other materials for many reasons, but here are just a few of the reasons composite is the preferred material:

The Look

Even from a near distance, composite blinds are almost indistinguishable from wooden blinds. In some cases, unless you reach out and feel the weight of the slats, it can be very difficult to tell the difference. 


Composite blinds can be ordered as smooth for a modern feel and appearance, or they may be textured to further mimic the appearance and tactile experience of wood.


Composite blinds are easily fitted even to the most awkward of window shapes, including trapezoid, arched top, octagon and more. We also do the installation and custom blind fitting, allowing homeowners to install blinds for any window in their home quickly and easily.


There are hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, and we guarantee we have the composite blinds in stock that will suit both your taste and your plans for every room.

Starwood Distributors provides service to the greater Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas. The lowest possible price is our solemn guarantee to you, and we will beat any bid from the local competition. All you need is an invoice on their company letterhead, and we will match the offer. Request a free, in-home consultation today using our online request form.

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