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Shutters are one of the most simple, elegant, and effective window coverings. They help you conserve energy, control light, control temperature and add visual value to the interior and exterior of your home. Our shutters are beautifully designed, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes.

Benefits of shutters


What are some of the unique benefits that shutters provide over other types of window coverings?


Wood shutters are versatile in both functionality and fashion. Our custom wooden shutters come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles you can use to customize the look of your home. They give you the ability to choose a style that is modern, shabby, chic or any other type of look that you want to create.

You can use your wooden shutters to match the style of your home or to create an entirely new look. At Starwood Window and Floor Coverings, we are proud to bring high-quality shutters and window coverings to homeowners in the Dallas area.

Shutters can help you add functionality to any room of your home. Wooden shutters help you better control the light that you let into your home. This is also a great way to help you control the temperature during the hot and cool months of the year. With that, high-quality wooden shutters can help support keeping a comfortable temperature in your home while saving you money on your electricity bill. At Starwood Distributors, we believe that your shutters should provide fashionability as well as functionality.

Styles of wooden shutters


What different types and styles of shutters are available to me?


We have a variety of shutters for sale in the Dallas area, and we also specialize in plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are some of the most classic and timeless window coverings that you can put on your windows. Plantation shutters not only give you all of the functionality you get with your standard wooden shutters, but they also increase the value of your home.

Plantation shutters offer a beautiful, decorative way that you can make your house more comfortable while also increasing the value of your home in Dallas.

Buy shutters in Dallas


If you are in the market to buy shutters in the Dallas area, our team at Starwood Distributors has a massive inventory of wooden shutters to choose from. We have all types of styles, colors, and sizes of shutters you can use to customize the look of your home.

Shutter installation in Dallas


Our team also provides a wooden shutter installation in the Dallas area. After we size your windows and you choose the style of shutters you want, our pro team will come to your house or commercial building to personally install your brand new shutters.

Have more questions about buying and installing shutters in the Dallas area? Contact our window and flooring experts at Starwood Distributors, today.

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