Top 5 Benefit of Choosing Wooden Window Shutters

Wooden shutters are an ideal choice if you’re looking to install new window coverings in your home. They’re simple, elegant and can be made to fit most windows, even those that might be oddly shaped or proportioned. While they might be more expensive to install upfront, the benefits of choosing wooden window shutters far outweigh the costs.

Wooden Shutters Are Energy Efficient

Window coverings of all kinds can help make your home more energy-efficient, and wooden window shutters are no exception. Wooden shutters add insulation to windows prone to drafts while also blocking the sun during warmer weather.

According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy, 30 percent of the energy you spend heating your home escapes through windows. They estimate that 76 percent of the sunlight that reaches your windows becomes heat in your home in the summer.

Because of the thermal insulation they offer, wooden shutters can help you save on your energy bill and live a greener lifestyle.

They’re Ideal for People With Allergies

Roughly 20 million Americans are allergic to dust or, more accurately, the mites that live in dust. Dust allergies are miserable to live with. If you have one, you might feel like you’re living with a constant cold. 

Cloth curtains and drapes might be contributing to your sneezing and stuffy nose. They’re an ideal place for dust to collect and mites to make their home. Washing them regularly can help combat the issue, but doing so is more work than many people want to deal with.

That’s where wooden window shutters come in. They’re easy to dust, allowing you to wipe them clean without extra effort.

We like microfiber cloths for dusting purposes. The structure of the fabric traps dust, so you’re not just spreading it around or lifting it into the air where it will aggravate your allergies.

Stylish and Elegant Appearance

Not all of the benefits wooden window shutters offer are practical. They also contribute to the aesthetics of your home. 

With wood, you might think you have to sacrifice appearance for utility. That might have been the case at one point, but no longer. Now, there are countless ways for you to customize your shutters, including:

  • Stains.
  • Finishes.
  • Paint colors. 

Whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, urban or rustic, there are wooden shutters that will heighten your home’s appearance while providing practical benefits too. WIth wooden window shutters, you can have the best of both worlds. 

If you live in an older or custom-built home, your windows may be of odd shapes or sizes. Finding window coverings for the more unusual windows in your home doesn’t have to be challenging when you invest in wooden shutters, which can be created to the exact specifications you need.

Wooden shutters have the added benefit of looking more expensive than they are. If you’re looking for an easy addition to your home that’s going to take your home—and maybe your property value—to the next level, look no further. 

Increased Privacy and Security

Wooden window shutters can help your home feel more private and secure, even if you live on a busy street. When closed, they can also insulate your home from street noise and other sounds. 

Shutters are versatile, allowing you to adjust them for different levels of privacy and visibility. With drapes, you have to choose between them. 

Most shutters include features known as louvers, which you can adjust to let light in without allowing anyone to look in from the outside. That’s part of what makes wooden shutters a secure choice as far as window coverings go.  

Depending on how you angle your shutters, it can be difficult for someone to tell whether or not you’re home. When you couple shutters with a timer for your lights, you can discourage burglaries before they happen. 

While no one likes to consider that they could become the victim of a property crime, it’s better to be prepared and take preventive measures. 

Easy To Use and Long-Lasting

Wooden blinds are often easier to use than vertical blinds that require a complicated tangle of string or drapes that have to be cleaned and adjusted regularly. Whether you have a mobility issue or want a window covering that is convenient to use, wooden window shutters might be the answer.

Wood is also one of the more lasting materials that you will find window coverings made from. Fabric and cloth fade and tear, particularly when subjected to pets and children. Plastic blinds bend, break and the strings that move them tangle and snap. Wood, on the other hand, is sturdy. 

Depending on the shutters you select, the finish on them may also provide UV protection to stop the paint from fading or wood from warping in the heat. The durability of wooden window shutters is another place where you’ll save money. You won’t have to worry about replacing them nearly as often as some of the other window covering options on the market. 

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