Benefits of A Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Whether you have a large commercial garage or a two-car garage at home, is your current garage floor looking a bit rough around the edges? Perhaps you have cracks and oil stains and your floor is simply dirty and unsightly. If you have a commercial business, you want to put a better face (or floor) forward for your customers. At home, you just want your house to look as nice as possible. If this sounds like your situation, consider giving your floor a facelift with a garage floor epoxy coating.

There are so many benefits to using these professionally-formulated epoxy coatings on your floor. 


A garage floor epoxy coating is extremely tough and durable and therefore long-lasting. The epoxy coating creates a barrier to your existing concrete floor and also creates a cushion. It is no problem to park heavy cars and equipment on these floors and they stand up to high traffic as well. The floors are very tough and can withstand impacts from dropped tools or other items.

Before we continue with the benefits list, you might be wondering exactly how an epoxy floor is formulated. Many customers think these floors are an ordinary paint coating, but they are not. Instead, the epoxy floor is a thermoset resin; when the resin and hardener compound mix, a chemical reaction takes place and the floor actually cures with heat to create a thick and durable finish.

Epoxy is a great material that acts as a sealant for concrete floors. Epoxy coatings can be used on any floor surface from commercial floors to garage floors to walkways. Epoxy coatings may be installed in many commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

A concrete floor coated in epoxy will last much longer than a regular concrete floor. Once the epoxy has become a solid material, it has incredible strength and durability.

Stain Resistant

The epoxy also withstands chemical spills and stains as well and is naturally resistant to moisture. These floors are an excellent choice for any garage whether commercial or residential. If you have to frequently wash your floor with water or even put deicing salts on the floor, the epoxy is incredibly durable. In fact, a little soap and water will clean up any spill or mess.

Performance and Safety

An epoxy floor is a high-performance floor. It can withstand heavyweights like cars, equipment, and toolboxes. In fact, you can roll a very heavy toolbox across your floor with no scratches or abrasions of any kind. You can’t get that with concrete or tile. But perhaps the best performance feature of this epoxy flooring is its safety feature.

The coating evens out the surface of your existing floor which prevents slips, trips, and falls. The floor easily wipes clean with soap and water, so you can clean up any spills quickly to avoid slip injuries. Epoxy floors have additive options whereby you can add in further coatings to make the floor extra slip-resistant for high traffic and commercial areas, ice-prone areas and more.

One great feature of an epoxy garage floor is improved comfort level for those people who spend a lot of time on their feet in a garage, the epoxy flooring absorbs foot forces and cushions the load, so people will not feel as much back or leg strain while standing on the floor for long hours.

We offer epoxy options that are non-hazardous, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and environmentally friendly. When we install an epoxy coating, it actually uses very little actual material, making these floors a great green alternative for your home or business.

Look and Feel

If your current gara ge floor is cracked, stained or otherwise damaged, an epoxy coating will beautifully repair the existing floor to give you an even, polished finished. You will be amazed at how good it looks. The floors come in virtually unlimited designs. You can choose any color and any pattern you’d like to have. We can even put a custom logo on the floor for a really professional look. We can do multiple colors in a checkerboard fashion or even install a high gloss option that reflects light to improve lighting in a showroom or similar area.

Why would you continue to have a dirty oily garage when you can make your garage another beautiful room in your home? You spend so much time there, so why not make your garage a great extension of your home? Think of your home’s resale value; these days, buyers strongly consider what the garage is like when making a purchase decision.


Best of all, an epoxy floor is quick and easy to install. You won’t be inconvenienced at home and you won’t have to leave while the installation occurs. Depending on the size of your garage, we can install the floor in one day. Once it is installed, the epoxy floor creates a seamless finish and requires very little maintenance, which is not the case with other flooring types.


An epoxy floor is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions you can implement. A single epoxy coating floor for a standard two-car garage is a very reasonable price, It’s best to have a professional install the floor, but you won’t pay an arm and a leg for labor costs because installation is so easy. These floors keep your wallet happy; because they are so durable and practically maintenance-free, you won’t be paying repair and maintenance costs in the future.

Consider Epoxy

Usually, a floor in a garage is the last thing an owner pays attention to unless it needs repair. Epoxy floor coating is a great alternative. Don’t wait. Even if your floor doesn’t need repair today, go ahead and have the epoxy floor installed for beauty and safety.

Join the many happy home and business owners who have already experienced the benefits of epoxy flooring. Give Starwood Distributors a call today. We will come out and assess your space and give you a free estimate. We want to get started on your new floor today, so reach out to us soon.

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