How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are beautiful, timeless installations that instantly complete your space. It is no wonder that they are so highly sought after by homeowners and potential buyers alike. But, their value goes far beyond their appearance; hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet, will, quite literally, last you a lifetime, and are one of the best home investments you will ever make. But to get the most usage and mileage out of your hardwood flooring, you need to practice proper upkeep, which includes routine cleaning. If you’ve ever wondered about the best way to thoroughly clean hardwood floors, look no further.

Vacuum First

Before applying a wet mop or sponge, vacuum the entire area to get up all of the hair, dust, and debris that, if you decide to skip this step, will simply get spread around with a mop. Do not forget to take care of the corners in your home; a lot of debris can gather in corners, which is the last thing you want.

Pick How You Want to Clean

The cleansing option you choose to go with is entirely based on preference. The DIY Network suggests Bona or Murphy’s Oil Soap for good results. They also provide a recipe to make your own cleaner, which includes one part vinegar to every 10 parts warm water with Castile soap mixed in. Lastly, and maybe unexpectedly, tea is recommended to clean your hardwood floors. By adding two tea bags to boiling water, the tannic acid within the tea makes the floor shine beautifully. Let it completely dry and you are good to go.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

For those hard-to-reach places, be careful when you are vacuuming and use an attachment. You can easily scratch the floor and make marks on your hardwoods, which can diminish their appearance. When you are done vacuuming and it is time to wash, avoid a wet, slippery mess and wring out your mop or sponge thoroughly before using it on your floors. Not only will it allow your floors to dry faster, but it will benefit the long-term durability of your hardwoods to keep them exposed to as little moisture as possible during cleaning.

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