Are Hardwood Floors Really Worth It?

Walking on a hardwood floor. Starwood Distributors, Texas.

Have you always wanted hardwood flooring in your home, but are hesitant to take the plunge? At Starwood Distributors, we are passionate about hardwood flooring; the benefits are endless and we believe every homeowner should experience the luxury of hardwood floors. Need more convincing? Allow us to go into detail about how hardwood flooring is well-worth the initial investment.

The Look

We have to be honest: the look of hardwood flooring is unequaled. No matter whether you go with lighter or darker wood, it looks natural, beautiful and timeless. There is nothing style-wise that will match it; it complements any and all spaces.

The Functionality

We all know that carpeting can be quite the ordeal to clean. There are some stains that you will not get out regardless of how hard you scrub. That is definitely not a concern with hardwood floors. Any accidental spillage can be easily wiped up with no residue or leftover stains to worry about. Any marks over time can simply be buffed and polished – there’s no need for replacement, as opposed to carpeting that will absolutely need to be replaced after time and wear.

The Value

Hardwood flooring has immeasurable value, both to you and the homeowners after you. Not only are hardwoods less expensive to maintain, but you will never have to replace them unless a major event happens. It’s also worth noting that today’s homebuyers specifically seek out hardwood flooring, especially on main levels on a home. Fewer and fewer people are excited about the prospect of wall-to-wall carpeting, as it traps dirt, dust, and the stains of prior owners. Long-term value is something to keep in mind if you see a move in your family’s future.

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We love our hardwood flooring at Starwood Distributors, and we think you will, too. If you’re considering adding hardwood floors to your home, we offer a free in-home consultation with representatives from any one of our locations.

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